CUTS associates include: expert practitioners, such as those listed below. Each is multiply-skilled with good understanding of urban and transport economics, civil engineering, transport planning, town planning, resource management, and environmental effects. Each is a recognised expert in at least two of these fields. All offer more than 35 man-years of relevant experience, and are members of several professional institutions (CVs available on request; others of similar standing may also be associated)

  • Graham Dickson BE(civil) DipTP, ACC Chief Traffic Engineer, Consultant to Transit NZ and NZ local govts on specialist transport planning matters, now available for direct commissions.
  • John Foster ME(civil), previously senior transport planner for National Roads Board, then Director of Transport Planning for Traffic Design Group, now available for direct commissions.
  • (currently unavailable) BSc(Econ)Hons CertTranspEcon PDipRegPlan(Berkeley) MScInfrPlan Dept.Econ.Plan (Sarajevo), Sen.Transp.Planner/Econ (SA), now Cons. to UN Agencies & Devt.Banks.
  • Owen McShane BArch MPlan(Berkeley), ACC sen.planner, Consultant in Res.Mgt incl. advice to RBNZ & Hon Simon Upton as Minister for Envt., now Director of Centre for Res.Mgt. Studies.
  • David Willmott BE(civil) DipTP DipMgt, ACC Traffic/Mwys Dept, Sen.TranspPlanner BCHF, Consultant on IBRD & ADB projects, now Policy advice on Res.Mgt. (LandDevt.&Transp), Dir.CUTS

Lead consultant: The Director or any Associate may be approached directly to undertake a solo study. However, any report other than by the Director produced under the aegis of CUTS is subject to peer review by the Director and at least one other Associate. Such reviews each incur 15-30% on-cost.

CUTS reporting process: Any CUTS report other than by the Director is issued in draft to client and reviewers. Reviews are then similarly circulated. The original report may then be amended and/or annotated, at author’s discretion, to accommodate points made in the reviews. The reviews may then be revised, at reviewer discretion. Reviews are published in finalised form as appendices to the report.