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This organisation and website exist because many of those associated with CUTS are concerned that the monopolistic empowerment of one particular approach to regional (urban) development is leading to distortions in urban markets which carry significant and compounding price-tags.

At some point, the value and real achievements of the current (so-called “smart growth”) style of Regional Planning must be held to account by measurement against those price-tags.

CUTS associates are of the view that, in cities like Auckland and to a lesser extent other New Zealand cities, the costs of “smart growth” planning already greatly exceed net benefits, and that external intervention will be necessary to require Regional Policies and Plans, which monitor everything but themselves, to reconnect with facts and realities such as their own affordability. New Zealand’s continuing (comparative) economic decline can be firmly linked to the socio-economic debilitation resulting directly from such coercive central planning.

If this concerns you too, read on! In doing so, be warned : you may find much of our website conflicts with current conventional wisdom and the “smart growth” (urban implosion) planning construct.

That conjunction is not accidental; the current planning construct is closely aligned with Post-Modernist philosophy and symbiotic with the environmentalist alarmism which is too often detached from environmental realities. It has largely framed and informed the current public perception that wholesale changes in attitudes, morals, lifestyles and travel modes are necessary if our world is to be “sustainable” for the sake of future generations. It also promises that such “sustainability” can be achieved, but only if such planners are solely and unreservedly empowered to “integrate” all urban development, land use and transport decision-making in the creation of a (50-year horizon) “designer city”.

Whether the creation of such a city can sustain the socio-economic strains necessarily imposed on real people, genetically-driven to seek real personal and family betterment, is a moot point which this website seeks to argue.